In the heart Catalunya

Located in 300 hectares of mountains, waterfalls and historic caves. Experience the real Catalunya, without the crowds. 

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Els Ferrer's

Breathtaking natural beauty

Our 300-hectare estate is in the heart of historic Catalunya, in the Pre-Pyrenees. Brimming with rivers, hidden waterfalls, mountain hikes and historic caves, you'll be in the middle of natures most beautiful spots. 


Unforgettable views

Totally immersed in nature, every area of the cabin and surrounding area is a viewpoint. From the picture window, you'll feel connected to nature from the comfort of your bed. 

Nature on your doorstep

Hiking, biking, rock climbing or swimming. You have every type of nature and activity on your doorstep.

Incredible hikes

Hike to pure silence at the nearby cliff face, or join the world-renowned GR210 trail. Long or short, there's hundreds of hikes to explore. 

Beautiful waterfalls

Less than 5km from the cabin, you'll land right at the base of Salt de Mir waterfall, which flows from the Pyrenees mountains. There's also many hidden waterfalls close to the cabin.

Rivers and rockpools

Hike through the surrounding terrain to take a plunge in hidden rock pools and waterfalls that are only known to the locals. 

Caves and cliff dwellings

Discover ancient cliff dwellings that date back hundreds of years. There's also an underground cave that was home to pre-historic artefacts, now in the Museum l'adet de Torello. 

Nearby winery

Head to the historic nearby historic town and visit the newly opened winery to taste local wines and grab a bite to eat. 

Historic town and castle

See Catalunya like it used to be. Home to ancient roman roads and a 12th century castle.

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